Fishingdirectory.com is exclusive fishing trade portal to connect fishing business around the world it is been long time vision of David Israel, to bring fishingdirectory.com into reality, after many survey and study, observing current online business trend and the social media development many failed with old business strategy in front of the current online trend,

Fishingdirectory.com is part of V-Find Business Private Limited, and D.I Group, promoted and lead by David Israel, we are specialized in b2b services for different trade and cross border trade to connect business around the world, D I Group in the past have been in to may diversified business since 1991, manufacturing, Import and Export of various products, publication and web development, David Israel who is leading as head of the Group business had taken many challenging business in the past driven the business to success, we are committed to take our b2b business in the global platform to connect business in a transparent manner.

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