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Fishingdirectory FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Help & FAQ If you have a problem or a question, please check our Frequently Asked Questions. If you are unable to find the answer to your question, please contact customer service or ask our help centre.

About Fishingdirectory.com

Fishingdirectory.com is a comprehensive Name and Contact listing website/ portal designed to connect the b2b entrepreneurs across the country, We largely aim to support SME's to connect with the right business resources at appropriate time in a most cost effective way. We are promoting all models of b2b services, to all individuals, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders, Government, buyers and sellers in all forms and sizes.

Fishingdirectory.com will give web identity to all our subscribers and will help them to showcase their products / services to increase the market reach with help of our web tools and special apps.... this will help every segment of business in this country, whether you are small or big our objective is to Reach your target business accurately.

About Getting Started FAQ

1. What is Fishingdirectory?
Fishingdirectory.com is an exclusively designed b2b web portal to promote Indian trade information in the Indian market. Fishingdirectory.com connects each individual business to their target business accurately.

2. How to use Fishingdirectory?
Anyone to use this service of Fishingdirectory.com first need to be a registered member of Fishingdirectory for which one has to register by going through the following steps of registration.
a. Click on registration link available on the menu bar of our home page.
b. Specify your valid email id for login, password and your company details in the registration page.
c. You can find out your exact business by choosing any one of the registration categories
d. After filling all the details in the registration page click on register

3. Who can use Fishingdirectory?
Membership of Fishingdirectory is open to all business entities: public limited companies, private limited companies, sole-proprietary concerns and partnership concerns. Membership is also available for service providers like institutes, publishers, trade associations and Individuals.

4. What kind of benefits can we gain from the site?
Fishingdirectory is b2b trade website which connects small and large scale buyers and suppliers from around India. By registering at Fishingdirectory, you will be able to showcase your company virtually to India. Fishingdirectory gives you an opportunity to expand your business reach and increase your revenue. Typically it is easier for the prospective buyer to search for a market place and then search for the sellers in the market place than to search for the seller in the all over India. Fishingdirectory features in the first two results when you search for b2b marketplaces all over India.

Login / Forgot Password

5. How to register?
Registering with Fishingdirectory.com is free and easy. Simply follow below steps to create your own account:
Visit www.Fishingdirectory.com
Click on 'Join Free'
Fill up required details
Specify your username, password and e-mail id
Click on 'Create My Account'

6. How can I retrieve my password?
Click on "Forgot Password" present in the login page. Enter the E-mail ID that you had provided at the time of registration and you will shortly receive an email with your User Name and Password

7. How can I change my password?
To change your password, all you need to do is follow the following steps:
Click to "Account Setting". and click "Change Password" to change your password.

8. I am having trouble in registering?
Our user registration process has been kept extremely simple to eliminate the possibility of a technical error. However, should you face a problem in registering, please retry after refreshing the page in your browser. If the problem persists, please report the problem to our webmaster.

9. Why should I sign out?
To keep confidentiality of the account, it is recommended that the user signs out from the account once the work is done on the site.

10. How long will it take for my account to be activated?
Once the details are submitted, your free account has been created and you can access your account any time. However, If you have submitted complete information, the account will be manually verified and live within 48 hours.

11. Why my account is disabled / de-activated?
Your account may be disabled / de-activated if you violate any terms and conditions or send un-solicited responses or enquiries to other members. For any help and re-activate your account please contact us.

12. Does Fishingdirectory use cookies?
Yes, Fishingdirectory.com uses cookies to offer you personalized content, record your preferences, estimate website traffic and automatic login & logout. These cookies do not harm your computer or violate your privacy. You may enable/disable cookies in your browser as you wish. In case all the cookies are rejected, you might face some difficulty in using various services of Fishingdirectory.com and its network sites.

13. Why am I not being able to sign in?
Make sure you entered correct username and password Incase, you do not remember your username/password, follow the steps given under 'I forgot my username/password. How do I retrieve it?'

About My Account FAQ

14. What is account settings?
Account settings service is to administering your account details, viewing your profile (editing/modifying), you will need to log into the page with your user id and password.

15. How to use account settings safe & secure?
We all know how important is to protect your passwords and how important is to use password for our online accounts. A lot of people use only their password that works for their personal email box, chat account, or any other accounts, so don't miss use password

16. I want to modify my registered information?
To edit your profile, log into Fishingdirectory.com and then following steps:
i. Click on the Account Setting and click Edit profile.
ii. Now you are in your profile page. Click on the 'Edit' link corresponding to the section that you want to edit. This will invoke a layer with the fields from that section. After making any changes that you may want, click on the 'Save' button to save your changes.

Types of Registration/Services

17.What is business registration?
Business registration is mainly created for the following categories of business types.
• Free registration
• Premium registration
The above mentioned categories of business people can use their registration to post and share their products with others.

18. What is Individual Registration in Fishingdirectory?
Individual registration is an Whitepage online directory for individuals, shops and small business to advertise their name, address, and contact numbers through Fishingdirectory.com.

Search Result

19. How can I search Seller,buyer / Product at Fishingdirectory?
Go to http://www.Fishingdirectory.com and type the product in the search text box, then click Search button.

Tip: When you start typing characters of the product which you wish to search, Fishingdirectory suggests you various list of items, among which you can choose your best possible product.

20. How can I search Seller,buyer/ Product from a particular location?
Go to http://www.Fishingdirectory.com and in search box write the supplier/ product name city/ state and click on Button

21. From search results, how can I contact the Supplier(s)?
When you search supplier/ product at http://www.Fishingdirectory.com, the result page appears with a list of suppliers with Send Enquiry button. You can click the button of the supplier and send your business enquiry directly to them.

22. How long will it take for my company's listing to appear in Search?
After submitting the complete company profile and product information (like unique product name with image and description), your company's listing will appear in Search within 24-48 hours.

23. I uploaded my product images & logo but it is still not visible in Search Result. Why?
Fishingdirectory.com reviews all photographs uploaded by members. While we allow members the ability to upload their images, we reserve the right to remove/delete any photograph that violates socially accepted norms of decency or contains any form of nudity. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that you appreciate our efforts for protecting our members. It is possible that there was some technical error/problem at the time of uploading the photograph. In which case we request that you try the same procedure once again.

About Buying & Selling and Service FAQ

24. What kind of benefits can seller expect from this website?
For sellers all over the India, Fishingdirectory has been the most successful platform for business generation .The sellers use Fishingdirectory for the following purposes:
1. Finding Indian buyers for their products and services
2. Invite interested buyers to buy their products through trade leads
3. Brand building & generating potential sales leads through top listings, search listings and advertisements

25. What kind of benefits can buyer expect from this website?
For the Indian buyers, Fishingdirectory is the largest & most user-friendly source of supplier identification, product sourcing and establishing business association. It serves varying needs of buyers including:

1. Finding manufacturers and suppliers of desired products.
2. Locating manufacturers for customized product development/manufacturing.
3. Identifying new products for their market.
4. Seeking offers from sellers for your immediate/long-term buying requirements
5. Establishing long-term association with companies for distribution.
6. Selecting the right service provider for various business needs and outsourcing of service requirements

About Managing My Products FAQ

26. What is feature product?
Feature products are shown on our home pages which are visible to all the people who visit our website. You can feature your products by registering in our Fishingdirectory registration scheme.

27. How many images can I upload for the single products?
You can add up to 5 product images in your gallery. You can also change your existing product images and attach a new product images to your product.

28. Which products are included in Fishingdirectory?
We have 'N' number of products included in Fishingdirectory.These products include various products like Automobiles and Motorcycle, Laminated Box , Blisters Box , Bulk Packing Box , Jewell Box , Apparel and Fashion, Tin Box , Corrugated Box , number of other Automobiles products .

29. How to communicate with other members?
This is an option for all the members. You can chat with the person which you are interested through online. When a member login, Messenger window pops up automatically. A member can add his or her favorite member into the window, chat and establish better contacts. Thus a member can have one-to-one conversation with this facility.

About Problems FAQ

30. How will my enquiries will be resolved?
Your enquiries will be resolved when you send us a mail or contact us through phone.

31. What can I do about a cookie error?
If a cookie error occurs, you can take the following steps to resolve it: 1. Internet Explorer 6.0 - Click "Tool/Internet Options"; Click "Delete Cookies" & "Delete Files"; Click "Security," and set as "Default"; Click "Privacy," and set as "Medium." 2. Internet Explorer 5 - Click "Tool/Internet Options"; Click "Security"; Click "Internet zone." Select a security level other than "High." Or click "Custom Level," scroll to "Cookies," and then click "Enable" for both cookie options. 3. Internet Explorer 4.x - Click "View," and then "Internet Options." Click "Advanced." Scroll to "Security." Under "Cookies," click "Always accept cookies." 4. Netscape Communicator 4.X - Click "Edit," and then "Preferences." Click "Advanced." Check "Accept All Cookies." 5. Mozilla Firefox - Click on Tools, then Options (or Edit | Preferences on Linux).Select Privacy in the Cookies panel, click on Show Cookies. To remove a single cookie click on the entry in the list and click on the Remove Cookie button. To remove all cookies click on the Remove All Cookies button. 6. Opera - To delete all cookies at the end of every session, select it in the privacy settings under Tools Preferences. Click on Manage cookies to delete specific cookies or cookies from specific domains. To delete all cookies immediately, go to delete private data on the Tools menu. If you are still unable to solve this problem, please locate the directory where your system is installed, e.g., "C: Windows." Then go to the sub-directory "Cookies" and "Temporary Internet Files." Then delete all files named "Cookies." Please reset your computer once you have finished.

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